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Moose hunting Macfarlane sporting camps


Your New Brunswick Adventure awaits.

  Its late September and the air is chilled the leaves have changed and are falling you have been sitting in your stand with your guide listening to the waling calls of the cow moose ,you have been scouting this area for the last three days and know where all his wallows are youve seen his broken brush his dinner plate size tracks but we have not called to this champ yet this is the day and the cow calls wail on and  just before day break at the edge of the swamp a loud dull thud of antler on dead trees and a short deep grunt from a mature bull echo's, your guide grunts back and the bull busts out into the clear cut ready to take down his opponent, you take steady aim and crack off three shots until the Black Giant falls. Now the fun begins.

     This would be a typical Moose hunt. You arrive at Camp the Sunday before the hunt and start scouting. Your Guide will have scouted possible areas up too two months ahead of time. We look for broken brush, wallow pits and actual bulls roaming for cows. Monday night before the hunt We will call to the potential bulls with a cow call that will keep them entertained till opening morning.

Some things to bring on your moose hunt are:

1)Rifle sighted in for 300yrds or Archery equipment.

2) Premium Ammunition. Nosler accubonds or partitions 

3)Warm Camo clothing for the morning and lighter garments for the evening.

4)A solid blaze orange vest and hat is required for the Moose hunt.


6)Hunting Chair.

7)Cushion for your comfort.

To apply for the N.B non resident Moose draw please visit our contact/info page under tags and draws.

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Questions, comments, special requests? Feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

3rte 585, Hawkins Corner, NB E6E 1M6, Canada

(506) 463-8102

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