Your New Brunswick adventure awaits

  Your Guide walks you to your stand. Its an hour before day light and you can see your breath in the flashlight. You sit down in your stand and get your stuff laid out for the day, its cold you put your boot blankets on and settle in for another day's hunt. Its just breaking day and there are deer on your apples then you hear it, a tending grunt from far behind the does and you know it wont be long, soon enough you catch the glint of antlers could it be the  heavy beamed 10 point that you seen trail cam pics of, he cautiously steps out to join his harem you take your time there's no rush he has been to this site countless times since spring eating minerals. You raise up and squeeze off a shot and the big buck goes down. Now all that's left is the taxidermist bill.

          Whitetail hunting in New Brunswick means long, bagged lunch days in the woods. We hunt whitetails many different ways Mainly over apple/corn baits along established natural trails, overlooking clear cuts or power lines, to walking the Hardwood ridges and swamps looking for that monster of a lifetime. Some Sites are baited with minerals, corn and clover in the spring and produce high quality trophies year after year.

What you will need to make this dream a reality

1)Firearm sighted in at 200yrds/Bow sighted for 20 yrds.


3)Warm Camo Clothing.

4)Warm gloves and Knitt cap.

5)Solid blaze orange vest and cap are Mandotory.

6)Boot blankets for your feet they are a life saver.

7)Winter Boots.


9)Hunting chair.

10)Cushion to keep you comfortable.

Some other things to consider bringing are a shotgun for small game  after you kill your buck.



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